12 Factors that could Destroy the Human Race

And this is no Scaremongering!

Here is an interesting read on 12 factors that could lead to the end of the human civilisation. The ways that could spell disaster for mankind  include:

  • nuclear war
  • extreme climate change
  • global pandemic
  • asteroid impact
  • super volcano
  • synthetic biology
  • nanotechnology
  • artificial intelligence
  • ecological catastrophe

It is easy to dismiss it as scaremongering but I would not think the report is too much of a hyperbole. The world, after all, has been steadily ignoring all well-intentioned warning signals – climate change/global warming, nuclear war and even man-made catastrophes such as biological warfare.

We have no shortage of vile intellectuals who can unleash pathogens on mankind. The Tamil film, 7aum Arivu (Seventh Sense), touched on the inherent dangers. When we can have hackers who tamper with networks to push their own self-seeking agenda we have to expect biologists with a destructive mindset.

Inventions Can Destroy, Too!: Even some of the scientific world’s biggest inventions / innovations such as nanotechnology and artificial intelligence are included as ways that could contribute to the elimination of the human race. That is the surprise element though even that cannot be brushed aside. Again we saw a hint of it in another Tamil film, Endhiran (The Machine -Robot).

Reader comments at the end of the piece in The Independent are quite interesting. In contrast, what we read in Asian news portals are almost always characterised by venom and hatred for one another with no demonstration of intellectual depth or freedom.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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