Lunar New Year eve in China Town

This being the eve of the Lunar New Year of the Goat, I decided to check out the scene in China Town. It was not filled with last-minute shoppers, possibly because I visited the place mid-afternoon.

The New Bridge Road was lined with goat decor as you could see in these photos that I took there. Some of the snaps were taken in the Orchard Road area.

I1. IMG_1037 18. IMG_1119 17. IMG_1077 16. IMG_1059 15. IMG_1053 14. IMG_1016 13. IMG_1015 12. IMG_0988 11, IMG_0986 10. IMG_0983 9. IMG_1107 8. IMG_1106 7. IMG_0993 6. IMG_1020 5. IMG_1041 4. IMG_1073 3. IMG_1120 2. IMG_1039

If you are invited to a Chinese home for new year festivities, here is a link that spells out the etiquette that you will do well to follow –

Though it is a Taiwanese link it can apply for all Chinese homes anywhere.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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