Spoorthi wins but disappointing not to see Bharat in Top 3

Haripriya and Srisha were Outstanding, Too!

Spoorthi in Chinese attireAmong Spoorthi, Haripriya, Bharat and Srisha, Vijay TV’s Super Singer Junior 2015 title could have gone to any of them and it will still have left us thinking the winner deserved it. Such was the strength of the reality show contestants this time!


Ten-year-old Spoorthi Santosh Rao trumped the rest to win the title and a townhouse worth Rs 70 lakhs.. She was a consistent performer wowing the audience all through the year-long competition with professionalism that defied her age.

Displaying an innocent charm, admirably so, Spoorthi was always seen cheerfully clapping and singing to herself when other contestants were on the stage.  The depth of her musicality is that if you closed your eyes and listened to her rendition you could have easily thought it was a senior, professional singer on the stage. Congratulations, Spoorthi, for the well-deserved honour.


Runner-up Jessica’s Gesture: Jessica Jude, a Sri Lankan Tamil from Canada,  was the runner-up with Haripriya emerging third. She is a good singer, possibly helped by voting from Sri Lankan Tamils the world over in addition to those within India.

Her decision to donate her prize, one kg gold, to charity was a laudable gesture. Congratulations.

To me, Haripriya, Spoorthi and Bharat should have been the top three and I will have been happy with whatever order they came in.

It was very disappointing to see Bharat and Srisha being among the last of the top six. Votes, though, cannot always be a reflection of their singing abilities.

Haripriya super-singer-junior-ellorukkum-vanakkam-by-bharath

The live telecast of the finals last night kept me and the family awake till beyond 3.30am.

Of all the earlier editions of the event, Super Singer Junior 2015 was the best, thanks to the showcasing of abundant, versatile talent!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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