Drama Over Conversions when —

… Christian Population has been dwindling in India, they make up less than 2.4% now from more than 2.5% earlier

I am a Christian by faith and visit churches, even if irregular. But I live a largely agnostic life with openness towards all religions. Nothing can be more precious than harmony, love and peace.

It is heartening to see a handful of people from the majority community come on TV in support of Mother Teresa.

Mother-Teresa-Giving-QuoteBut that does not make India secular. Majority fanaticism is growing among Indians, those living both in India and overseas.

That is the bitter truth while the charge that Mother Teresa served the poor only to convert them to Christianity is an uncharitable lie. Charity was a lifelong mission for her.

Indian intellectuals spreading lies without a shred of evidence is the new norm in the country — and I am not talking of RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat!

1. They point out she was NOT religion-neutral and that for her the Church was supreme!

Are they nuts to think that a Christian saint will be faith-neutral? Are Hindu religious leaders neutral?

The Mother herself had pointed out she was a Christian by faith and, therefore, she was not neutral.

But Indian intellectuals like to twist the truth to suit their convenience. So they cunningly take it to mean that her priority was to first serve those who are Christian.

The world knows such a charge is unalloyed nonsense!

She served ALL – she reached out to those who were in trouble and needed love and help! Whether they were Christian or otherwise!

2. She did NOT convert them.

With her, Hindus remained Hindus and Muslims, Muslims without they being encouraged to become Christians. As she herself had said, the only conversion she was interested in was making people better people who love one another irrespective of their faiths.

To repeat what I said in my earlier post below, “In Mother Teresa’s own words, “conversion means changing of the heart by love. Conversion by force or bribery is a shameful thing. It is a terrible humiliation for anyone to give up religion for a plate of rice.”

3. Spreading the Word of Jesus and Christianity Does Not Translate to Religious Conversions

There is no doubt that Mother Teresa helped spread Christianity and the word of Jesus. But this does not mean she was converting people to Christianity, she was just spreading the message of love and sharing. That is the basic tenet of Christianity. But she had respect for all faiths and all were equal in her eyes.

Religious oneupmanship can never be the answer to differences among faiths. Responding to hate with love, though, will require a dramatic change in sensibilities and even a saintly spirit. It is unrealistic to expect that from mortals.

Religion Losing Relevance in Materialistic Word

In a world dictated by materialism, where the end justifies the means, religion has long lost its relevance. The love of lucre thrills and drives life. Wealth matters, not how you get it! That is the credo, the mantra that people are getting to hold dear!

But let me not digress.

I am firmly opposed to conversions through any allurements. Christian missionaries do encourage conversions and I hold it as anathema. I would earnestly want them to stop that.

But the Christian population in India has hardly been growing, staying at less than 2.40%. In fact, it has been dwindling as it was higher at around 2.50% a few decades ago.

So, what is the drama over conversions?

My earlier posts on the issue –



G Joslin Vethakumar


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