AAP Trouble: Dissent is Fine but there can be only One Leader

We all know how too many cooks can mess with the broth!

Inner democracy is all fine, be it in politics or in business or the corporate world. Dissent is healthy in any system as divergent views can help an entity shape itself up better for the future.

I have always been vocal when it comes to issues that I thought needed to be spoken out against. Even when I was an employee of Cisco Systems, I have never failed to argue against some of the company’s decisions, be it acquisitions or CEO John Chambers’ practice to cloak good results with negative guidance.

I was active in Cisco’s internal corporate blog and my posts have regularly touched on controversial internal issues. To Cisco’s credit, I was not questioned even once. However, that was an internal portal, so there was no public discourse.

prashant-bhushan_14Ego-Centric Dissenters: That does not appear to be the case with what is unfolding within the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), with its ego-centric dissenters taking to public platforms to voice their displeasure against the party’s functioning.

First, there can be only one leader as we all know what will happen when there are too many cooks trying to prepare broth with their own ingredients.

There can be multiple aspirants for leadership but when they stoop to topple the man who was largely responsible for giving PM Narendra’s BJP a humiliating defeat in Delhi or work against the interests of the entity they belong to, then that is dangerous.

Team Work and Leadership: There is no question it was the result of strong team-work, but there was one man who rallied them together and helped influence the electorate more than the rest. That is leadership.


Senior AAP members Prashanth Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav are in danger of losing their positions within the party.

The AAP is reportedly in possession of a tape wherein the dissenting leaders are reportedly discussing how the AAP should be stopped from winning more than 20 seats. If the veracity of the tape is established, then they stand on weak ground.

Like Father, Like Son: Even before the elections, veteran leader Shanthi Bhushan, father of Prashanth, had gone public slamming Mr Kejriwal and the AAP.

Even then Mr Kejriwal had only politely accepted the criticism without trying to prove Mr Bhushan wrong.

That is an unfortunate development as the AAP has just assumed power in Delhi.

Mr Kejriwal is knowKejriwaln for his humility, expecting no VIP treatment

But encouraging indiscipline can be suicidal particularly for a young party that is different from those that are led by power-hungry monsters who will sacrifice anything, even a nation’s interests, just so they can enjoy the benefits of the political throne!

G Joslin Vethakumar



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3 responses to “AAP Trouble: Dissent is Fine but there can be only One Leader

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  2. Venkat

    If anything, he is a megalomaniac, and completely into himself; a dyed-in-the-wool authoritarian, who has carefully orchestrated the whole campaign to project himself, just himself; your last photo with him lying curled is a stellar proof of his penchant for dramatization.

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