Just what the Kohli Noise is all about!

Sports Journalists are a Funny Breed, Dabbling in Servile Reporting

While Indian media and online news portals are agog with stories about how cricketer Virat Kohli was abusive towards a senior Indian journalist I could not make head or tail out of it. The “heads or Tails” toss at the start of a cricket match is pretty straightforward.

virat-kohli-2014-wallpaperBut not this controversy. hardly answering Most reports were just mumbo-jumbo, failing to fully answer the “what”, “who” and “why” elements that are fundamental for any piece of reporter – and with no particular reason.

I can understand if there was something to be hidden – as in the case of a rape where it is unethical to reveal the name of the victim.

In this instance, the media harped on who the culprit is (Kohli) but without letting the reader know what his offence was and who was the journalist at the receiving end of the cricketer’s disdain.

Call me too inquisitive or curious, but meaningless reporting is not something that I will condone.

I finally figured the full story from The Hindustan Times, the newspaper I believe he (Jasvinder Sidhu) was representing at the ongoing World Cup in Australia.

Kohli has used unprintable expletives against the journalists and why was the rest of the media trying to shield the cricketer.

Sycophantic Writing: This is the problem with Indian journalists, indulging in servile, sycophantic praise of sportspersons they take a fancy to and transporting them to supreme bliss. Sports journalists do not practise any sense of balance when writing about celebrity players, so they are themselves to blame for getting treated like dirt.

Not just captains, even junior cricketers behave like that when dealing with the press.

Ethical journalism is something that needs to be followed and treasured – give people their due but do not go overboard singing their glory. This breeds arrogance which can lead to aggression when they think they have been wronged.

The media will need to decide what their priorities are!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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