Chennai may well be World’s Worst Airport!

Even Hyderabad’s Domestic Airport is Far Superior!

Should there be a contest for the world’s worst airport (in big cities), Chennai will be a runaway winner!



Empty coffee shops at the Chennai airport

Here are a couple of photos of empty stalls at the Chennai International Airport that I took a few days ago while waiting to board a flight back to Singapore.

As a result, there was just one small coffee shop open there. For shopping, passengers have very limited options. In fact, just a handful of shops. Compounding their problem is the frequent flight delays.

In contrast, even the Hyderabad domestic airport has some lovely eateries and great shops (photos below) that include Chennai Silks. Plus, good entertainment through a giant video screen. A World Cup match was being shown live when I was there recently.

The Chennai airport remains under the control of the Airports Authority of India (AAI) whereas those in other major cities in the country have already been privatised. That should explain why it is so badly maintained.

I had actually tried to publish this post even while I was at the airport. But connectivity was very weak!

IMG_1186With national parties almost having been reduced to non-entities in Tamil Nadu politics, the State will continue to receive poor treatment from the Centre!

IMG_1483 IMG_1491 IMG_1493 IMG_1498 IMG_1499


G Joslin Vethakumar


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