Education to Employment – Singapore Tilting Towards Foreigners?

IMG_1619[1]Singapore’s campaign to bring in more foreign mediocrity continues unabated with the support of its mouthpiece, The Straits Times.

A report in today’s edition of the daily, quoting a report from the Economic Intelligence Unit, claims that business will suffer if the government does not open the floodgates for immigration.

So, this is yet another attempt to discredit Singaporeans with the implication that there is not enough local talent in the country to meet the needs of business. To hell with the people and the quality of life? All that matters is business interest!

Let’s admit, for the sake of an argument, there is not enough local talent to fulfil the desire of companies here to hire foreign professionals.

What has the government done about it over the years other than bringing in foreign  mediocrity in the name of talent?

Why are local universities filling its places with foreigners without accommodating locals in courses that are in demand to ensure that they will meet the needs of business when they graduate?

NUS Drive in India: During my recent visit to India, I saw a big advertisement in the newspapers there from the National University of Singapore, inviting students there to apply for the courses here — see snapshot of the advertisement here.

IMG_1617[1]Since Indian schools mostly follow the local +2 format (instead of the A levels in Singapore), the advt says, aspirants can apply with their local results. The Indian +2 rote format is a breeze for students where they are able to get centum in all the subjects, including English, Second Language and the Science subjects.

This is impossible under the Singapore education system. So there is no level-playing field, putting Singapore students at a distinct disadvantage.

Perhaps, the other Singapore universities are involved in a similar campaign in India and in the rest of the world!

Labour Crunch Nonsense: I am not prepared to buy the argument that there is a labour crunch in Singapore. I know of young local graduates from top universities (and experienced ones) remaining unemployed without even getting interview calls for entry-level (and other) jobs.

Most hires from overseas pick up the job skills only at work here. So it is not as if they come here with skills that can be transferred to locals. In fact, it is the other way around.

American Example: This is the case even in the U.S. — an American whistleblower points out in this report how H1B workers go there with minimal skills and are trained by American professionals. This is resulting in Americans losing their jobs to those they trained.

The whistleblower’s version is not without substance as he had taken Indian IT giant Infosys to court, a case that resulted in a US$34-million visa fraud settlement — the largest in US history.

It is becoming increasingly evident that from education to employment, Singapore is heavily tilted towards foreigners.

Can knowledge economy be built with only non-Singaporeans?:

G Joslin Vethakumar



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