Google Glass Not Dead Yet!

Google Glass, I thought, was long dead, but it is on display at the IT Show, now on in Singapore. It is not being marketed anywhere and Google had even stopped its production. But why is it being presented at the show?

IMG_1626When I raised this question with those manning the booth, they agreed it was no longer available for sale.

I was told, there were plans to revive it and a new version may hit the market.


But when? They could give no dates but felt it could be in a year or so!

ggssI had blogged about the failure of Google Glass late last year –

Another report today refers to Google’s admission about its mistake with their first-generation wearable technology.

But it also indicates that Google is taking development of the project back behind closed doors though it is not certain if we will see another Glass again.

These have left me confused about Google’s strategy with its Glass!

The IT Show being held at the Suntec City has all the usual popular booths — 4k TVs from Sony, printers from all major players (HP, Epson, Canon, etc), cameras and telcos (MyRepublic has a very strong, impressive presence along with that of ViewQuest).

Here are some other pictures from the IT Show.

IMG_1630IMG_1634 IMG_1632 IMG_1623IMG_1639

G Joslin Vethakumar

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