Brave Deepika Opens up on Depression

It is brave of Bollywood mega actress Deepika Padukone to talk about the depression she has battled on NDTV that I am just watching.

INDIA-ARTS-CINEMA-BOLLYWOODIntelligent, articulate and determined, she breaks into tears as she speaks about her pain, bringing out the human side of an actress, having had to face cameras even as she was going through emotional turmoil.

Deepika has even set up a foundation – Live, Laugh and Love — to help people with depression. It is just another ailment, does not have to carry any stigma. Well done, Deepika!

“There were days when I did not want to wake up, when every minute of my life was exhausting,” says Deepika, pointing out that loss of appetite and even breathlessness were among the manifestations of depression she had to endure. She, nonetheless, did not want to give up.

I applaud Deepika’s courage in opening up on her condition she has been able to leave behind — a praiseworthy attempt to help people battling depression. Being a hugely successful actress, this is a bold and timely step, given that 36% of India are believed to be in a state of depression!

She was at the interview with her mother who was answering questions such as “Deepika has everything one needs in life, why will she have to feel depressed?” She was a very happy person and that made her depression a surprise,” she says, adding that as a mother she was only concerned about her and not her image.

As Deepika says, she “went through hell and came back” – with some help from her counsellor and psychiatrist and her own positive, strong approach to fighting depression.

A former badminton champion, she is the daughter of Prakash Padukone, the first Indian to win the All-England Championship title.

Kudos to NDTV for the interview that can be watched at

G Joslin Vethakumar

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