Without the Match-Fixing Magic, India Shown the Door In Sydney

Australia Inflict a Crushing Defeat on India in the World Cup

The Indians have once again been put in the place they belong by the Australians with a humiliating defeat in the semi-final of the World Cup cricket tournament in Sydney in what could be captain M S Dhoni’s last match for the country.

Virat-Kohli-Duncan-Fletcher-India-vs-West-Indies-20142This will be the outcome whenever India plays against a team which cannot be bought out. India’s tricks will thus not work against Australia, as they found out yet again after the whitewash during the recent tour Down Under.

India’s Trump Cards Come a Cropper: Prior to today’s match all Indian TV channels were singing the glory of Virat Kohli and R Ashwin who they thought could make a decisive difference and leave the Australians in tatters.

What happened was the opposite. Kohli dropped an easy catch and fell to Mitchell Johnson for just a single run after giving Hazlewood the only maiden over of the match.

AshwinAustralian batsmen did not find Ashwin’s spin threatening though the bowler was economical. But he was brought in very late. I struggle to understand why Dhoni brought in Kohli before getting in India’s best spinner. 

It only goes to show Dhoni has been a lucky gambler thus far without a clear strategy. 

Equally baffling is why India were content with singles even when they were still in the game with only four wickets gone. 

The Kiwis are Favourites: In other words, India’s trump cards failed to live up to the hype and their batsmen crumbled like a pack of cards to put Australia in the final where they face co-hosts New Zealand.

The Kiwis had beaten Australia in the group match and hold the edge in what could give them their first World Cup title.

My hunch is that the Indians typically play for themselves, for individual acclaim that the groveling media of the country easily obliges with.

But fans display a typical Third Word attitude ready to gush with a sycophantic behaviour. I don’t think they will ever come out of this jingoistic rut.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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