AAP Right in Kicking Out Trouble-Makers

India needs development the Singapore way

Singapore’s founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, who passed away earlier this week, had a policy to politically destroy trouble-makers. I don’t disagree with it as a nation that is being built from scratch cannot afford to have people who constantly try to put spokes in its growth.

Mr Lee put them in their place, shaming them, and ensuring peace, harmony and prosperity in Singapore. Had he not dealt with them the way he did, Singapore will today have been a tottering economy. Thankfully, his tough stance saved Singapore from falling into the hands of rabble-rousers.

Yogendra YadavGood riddance: So I am happy that the AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) in India today expelled trouble-makers Mr Prashant Bhushan and Mr Yogendra Yadav from its national executive. The move led to the resignation of another party member, Mrs Medha Patkar, an NGO leader who has all along seemed bent on scuttling India’s growth by protesting against issues like power plants.

It is all good riddance for the party. In fact, I think Mr Bhushan and Mr Yadav should have been expelled from the party. The two called the AAP decision “murder of democracy”. What rubbish! Since they were not allowed to murder the party they are taking the democracy bogey.

The party can make do without such agent provocateurs.

prashant-bhushanBJP, Congress Conspiracy: Since the AAP is a potential alternative to national parties such as the BJP and the Congress, the latter would naturally want to see Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Minister, and his party completely destroyed, with help from internal egotistical schemers.

For once, the BJP and the Congress are allies in this shameful mission.

Traitors or Parasites?: The AAP is infested with members who verge on being traitors or parasites. The party has no dearth of people who can be bought out. People like

The AAP will be better off without people like Ms Shazia Ilmi who tried to sabotage the AAP during the 2014 Assembly polls and jumped over to the BJP during the 2015 elections.

ArvindKejriwal2 (1)Some former party members even formed a group called the AAP Volunteer Action Manch (AVAM) and just days before the election alleged that the AAP had made bogus entries to evade tax. In the end, AVAM was the one found to have made some bogus claims.

The BJP and Mr Bhushan and Mr Yadav were said to be close to the AVAM and used them to try and unsettle the AAP.

Mrs Kiran Bedi also fell into the BJP net and became its chief ministerial candidate just weeks before the Delhi poll. She was not an AAP leader, she was a key member of Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption movement along with Mr Kejriwal.

Then there were many others who did all they can to bring down the AAP in an effort to bolster the BJP. They included Mr Shanti Bhushan, former Union Minister and father of Mr Prashant Bhushan. The two did not even campaign for the AAP during the Delhi polls despite being founding members of the party.

They, along with Mr Yadav, did not just appear like egocentric individuals but were also intent on causing trouble for the AAP.

The elder Bhushan even went to the extent of saying that Mrs Bedi was a better choice for chief ministership than Mr Kejriwal just days before the poll. Obviously, he had an agenda to enable a BJP victory.

Shazia 1They all only suffered humiliation with the electorate voting the AAP to power, giving them 67 out of the 70 seats in the Assembly.

Media Trash: Amid the developments, I am amused at why the media is getting worked up. That is the problem with democracy. Just because journalists like to keep close contact with political leaders, they call them for debates on all kinds of issues.

Come on guys, give them the time to govern and not get distracted by all the media nonsense. Democracy and free speech at the expense of growth are not what Indians need. India needs development and progress, the Singapore way.

Once India becomes a First World nation it can think of democracy and freedom of expression! If there are genuine excesses with corruption and crime to the fore, then the media must expose them. Taking issue with petty politics that egotists unleash, day in and day out, is not what good journalism is all about.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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