What next, Mr Modi? There is no link between promiscuity and AIDS?

No Link Between Smoking and Cancer! So says BJP MP!

For all the moral policing that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP gang represent, smoking has suddenly become a virtue. Well almost!

A BJP MP, Dilip Kumar Gandhi, has stirred the hornet’s nest by saying that there is no Indian link between tobacco and cancer, in a national effort not to discourage smoking, which is largely believed to be at the instance of the cigarette manufacturers.

Dilip GandhiThis despite the fact that around one million Indians die every year of cancer, mostly caused by smoking.

This Dilip Gandhi is no ordinary MP. He heads a parliamentary committee examining the provisions of the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act.

717px-Cig.packet.750pixNo Scary Images: The result of his open proclamation is that India will not stamp health warnings with scary images on cigarette packs. The government aim is not to dissuade people from smoking.

That said, the images I see on cigarette packs here are gory and not fit for publication. So I am avoiding those here. Those images are aimed at smokers. I am sure they have had some impact on smoking, though I don’t have the data to prove it.

What is the next bombshell, Mr Modi, your team is going to hurl at the people?

That there is no link between promiscuity and AIDS / STDs? Given that some Western academics are already involved in some research to establish that as the holy grail

God save India from these criminal fundamentalists who behave like idiots!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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