All Fools’ Day Revulsion from BJP Minister Giriraj Singh

Poser from Modi’s Man: “If Sonia was not White and Nigerian will Congress have made her party President.”

On April Fool’s day today, Union Minister and BJP leader Giriraj Singh gave Indians and Nigerians some room for dismay by making a detestable remark that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s racist and stupid team is supremely capable of delivering.

giriraj-singhIf anyone thought what a fool late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was in marrying Sonia Gandhi, Giriraj Singh gave a new twist to it:

If Rajiv Gandhi had married a Nigerian and if Sonia Gandhi wasn’t white-skinned, would Congress have accepted her the party president,” he asked at a press conference, sending those present with him into laughter. So it was not just the Minister…!

Was it meant to be laughter medicine on April Fools’ Day?

But then I read reports about that remark having been made off the record. Only a fool can imagine that remarks made at a press meet will remain off the record. Even if it is an off-the-record remark, statements such as this can seldom be condoned, more so when it comes from a Union Minister.

Mahatma’s Struggle Being Reduced to Nought: He has offended not just Sonia Gandhi but Nigerians as well, showing how black is a dirty word among Indians.

What has Mahatma Gandhi’s battle against white supremacy that started in South Africa and his struggle for Indian Independence from Britain come to? But then the BJP only cares about his killer, not the Father of the Nation!

Last week I started reading the unauthorised biography of Sonia Gandhi, The Red Sari, where author Javier Moro, quoting her friends, says what an astonishing beauty she was in her teens then! A head turner, she floored Rajiv with her looks! So the question that Giriraj Singh raised was downright foolish and obnoxious!

Giving Congress a New Lease of Life: People like him can give a new lease of life to the Congress, so Mr Modi has to be stern with the likes of Giriraj Singh who abound in his party.This guy does not deserve to be in public life!

This is the kind of India the nation has almost always come to terms with. So, nothing unusual about how Giriraj Singh made a fool of himself today with that nasty remark.

But, wait a minute, “fool” is too mild a word for him!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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