Time to Ponder – Why is Christianity on the Wane?

Have a Blessed Easter!

easter_sunday_2 Easter-2015-131 easter-greetings-cards888This Easter is time for reflection for Christians. With reports this week indicating that Christianity will cease to be the world’s largest religion by 2070, losing out to Islam, some pondering over what is going wrong with the religion is called for.

IMG_1991 IMG_1997
The attack on the Kenyan University by Islamic militants where Christians were singled out and killed even as Muslim students were spared is a reinforcement that the religion is facing persecution.

Conversions are not going to prop up the religion. In fact, that will only tarnish the good image of Christianity. Numbers are not as important as the values Christianity represents.

Boring, Long Sermons: It is more important to ensure that Christians themselves do not stray away from their faith. Boring, long church sermons are already keeping the youth away and the church does not appear to be conscious or concerned about it.

beheadChristian countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. have to take significant blame for the waning of the religion in their own backyard. They have kept their shores way too open for enemies of the world to infiltrate and launch attacks on Christianity. This is not confined to Islam, even other non-Christians do it.

Business over Peace: Just to promote their countries’ business interests they help terrorist nations come into the mainstream but their generosity is only repaid with beheading and persecution of Christians.

This report should offer some insights into it – http://toprightnews.com/heres-what-happened-when-one-nation-started-deporting-radical-muslims/

For Christianity to be relevant, the political leadership has an important role to play by not pandering to terrorist elements to satisfy their own business goals.

Money is not everything, peace is! May this Easter message sink in and make the world a better place to live in.

Have a blessed Easter all!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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