Poor Facilities, No Coffee Shops at Chennai Airport

The Chennai airport modernisation was completed in 2012 involving a cost in excess of Rs 2000 crores. Where all that money went is a mystery because since the airport was opened it has been marred by several incidents of ceiling collapses and breakages of windows and doors because of poor construction.

Even in March this year there had been some such mishaps. That took the total to around 50 incidents in two  years.

IMG_1697 IMG_1699

IMG_1701 As if that is not enough to give travellers a sour experience, the facilities there are abysmal as well.

Only 4 coffee shops, even they remained closed: The international terminal on level 1 has only four stalls that sell coffee. In March 2015 when I was there, two of the four coffee shops were not open – Balaji and Chicago Crust. I had blogged about it then.

Last week when I was there again they still remained closed, at around 10pm.

Worse, the other two coffee shops too did not sell coffee. When I asked for Latte at Cafeccino, the person manning it told me it was closure time, so nothing is for sale. I tried the only other remaining open shop and they had only can drinks and some snacks. There were no vending machines too dispensing coffee or tea.

IMG_1690There was a fancy area with an illuminated name plate, Chennai Food Express. There was no stall there.

IMG_1703In effect, there was no shop that dispensed coffee or tea at an international airport terminal. How shameful! Posting some photos of those empty stalls that I took when I was there waiting to board a flight back to Singapore.

Can any international airport match the Chennai terminal’s facilities and service standards?

G Joslin Vethakumar



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