Modi, today’s Nero dabbling in Theatrics in Canada while Kashmir Burns

When Kashmir was burning, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was behaving like the new Nero dabbling in theatricality in Canada, singing his own glory and charging all earlier governments with creating nothing but filth that he is now cleaning.

Mr Modi also revelled in shaming India on foreign soil by saying that the country was so far known only for scams and filth. He was now replacing scams with skills and cleaning up the country, he claimed. To me, he is creating new filth in more than the literal sense of the term.

Modi's rallyBJP, a party to anti-India violence in Kashmir: All this while separatists were going on a rampage in Srinagar, hoisting Pakistani flags and unleashing virulent anti-India slogans.

The PDP, which has been taking a pro-Pakistan stand and releasing terrorists at will, recently formed the government in Jammu & Kashmir with the support of Mr Modi’s BJP.

Interestingly, his minions in the BJP are behaving as if the party has nothing to do with the anti-national activities in Kashmir. The PDP government in J&K is sponsored by the BJP, so they have to take the blame for the deterioration in the situation in that terror-ridden State.

But Modi is an Honourable Man!: Instead, the BJP is joining the other parties such as the Congress in condemning anti-national instances in J&K, pretending it has no role in it. What a joke! As long as there are fools in the country ready to lap up its pronouncements, the country will only see more of it!

Narendra-modi-quotes-thoughts-images-wallpapers-photos-picturesBut then Mr Modi is an honourable man! Fiddling around in Canada and taking delight in the obsequious chants of his Indian sycophants there while Srinagar was burning and Pakistan flags were being unfurled there!

Potshots at Rahul: It was not just Modi regaling himself in Canada while Kashmir is in ferment. His BJP men were having their own kind of fun taking potshots at Rahul Gandhi’s two-month sabbatical and return.

Interesting that Modi and his men find Mr Gandhi more important than the anti-India activities within the country. Why should taking a break be a sin?

Unwittingly, the countries that Mr Modi visits are seeing their lands being used by him to promote himself and his rabid communal party.

Mr Modi, don’t you realize your visits to other countries are as India’s Prime Minister, not as the leader of your party?

You thus have a responsibility to protect India’s image and not tarnish it on foreign soil by saying that so far the country has only seen filth and frauds.

Self-aggrandisement has been his primary mission on all his overseas trips thus far! He will return to India tomorrow, wishing he had stayed on in Canada but planning his next exciting overseas visit!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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