Amos Yee: Singapore can do without his kind of free speech

Why should Singaporeans pay for the follies of a juvenile delinquent caught in a legal tangle?

This chap, Amos Yee (17), ridicules Christianity, posts obscene images online, scoffs at Singapore’s founding PM Lee Kuan Yew, gets booked and has the temerity to request people to offer him funds so he can fight the case, continue spreading hate and bask in any new-found glory he anticipates. A wilful offender eyeing fame/notoriety!

amos-yee-donationChristianity is not an intolerant religion that will respond to any vile campaign against it with violence. Sustained attacks, nonetheless, cannot be expected to be met with continued tolerance. Also, if the bloke is let off lightly he may next try it against Islam and foment trouble for Singapore.

Right Decision: His parents have declined to pay the S$20,000 bail money, the right thing to do to discipline a wayward boy. But who knows if they thought they could save that money if naive, gullible Singaporeans chipped in to help him fight his legal battles.

If it was for a legitimate cause and Amos Yee was being victimised for expressing a harmless contrarian opinion he could expect sympathy and support.

Malicious, Racist: But his online ranting was vicious, coming as it did when the nation was in mourning, and a clear demonstration he was a religious fanatic who hated Christianity. Race, language and colour may be on his hit list, too! His is the kind of free speech, malicious and racist, that Singapore can do without.

Lashing out at people. religions and races without responsibility is fraught with danger for the country and society. Law enforcement agencies will have to send a stern message that such actions will not be condoned.

I am confident Singaporeans are not silly enough to bail such guys out.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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