Arnab’s nervous, subdued interview with Smriti Irani

Where did he leave his toxic aggression?

Times Now last night aired a long, boring interview its anchor Arnab Goswami had with Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani. An interview it claimed Indians have been waiting to watch! Made me wonder if Times Now pointed a spy cam into her dressing room!

What I saw was a subdued, nervous and condescending Arnab with his hesitant questions – like a dog with its tail tucked behind its legs. The toxic aggression that Arnab often displays, screaming at his innocuous panelists, was missing.

02-Smriti-IraniI can understand why he was soft. This was a one-to-one interview and not a debate where he has to deal with multiple panelists.

RSS, Transfers and Bhagat Singh: He did have some tricky questions — such as the one on whether she was allowing the RSS to dictate the school syllabus.

Then there was one on transfers of bureaucrats and heads of institutions.She betrayed dishonesty when she said her ministry did not issue transfer orders.

All the questions must have been provided to her before the interview. So she appeared fully prepared to duck them with evasive replies.

She said her duty was to correct distortions in history such as references to Bhagat Singh as a terrorist. I had my education in India and I did not grow up learning from the history books that he was a terrorist. Maybe some schools in North India painted him as a killer.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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