Tragedy for Migrants even as ISIS continues beheading Christians

Migrants escaping from trouble-torn Islamic countries have suffered yet another tragedy in mid-sea with a loss of around 1000 lives, both Muslims and Christians, most of them bound for Europe from Libya.

Earlier, Muslims from Libya seeking refuge in Italy were charged with throwing out African Christians from the ship they were crammed in. That seemed to indicate their motives – foment trouble in the Catholic cradle of the world.

In an earlier incident, another big bunch of asylum-seekers from impoverished African nations refused to settle down in Cambodia through a deal negotiated by Australia. They only wanted the right to live in Australia. All of Africa is a growing Muslim kingdom and are becoming dangerous for the world, even if they are Christians!

Cambodia is already a poor country struggling to fend for its own people, so the asylum-seekers may find life hard there. Australia is paying Cambodia $40 million for accepting the refugees to help with the process of assimilation.

But then refugees are almost always seeking a life in the First World. The Christian world that embraced them earlier have been repaid only with trouble — scores of Islamic citizens of countries like the U.K. and Australia have joined ISIS spreading terror worldwide.

Just this week, videos showed ISIS beheading Christians in Libya.

The West will continue to show humanity in addressing the tragedy. But the Islamic world will need to do serious rethinking and initiate steps to rid the world of terrorism.

An earlier post, Western World Breeding Terrorism

G Joslin Vethakumar


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