Abrupt End to International Relief Work in Nepal!

The World Must Bow in Gratitude to the Extraordinary International Support!

By its own admission, Nepal was not well equipped to to handle a large search-and-rescue mission after a massive earthquake struck the country on April 25, around 8000 people dead and thousands homeless.

India was the first to send a big contingent from its National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) the same day followed by 33 countries, including China and Singapore, whose teams set up executing rescue work in right earnest bringing relief to the people of Nepal.

Relief Teams Told to Leave: But today, even as much remains to be done, Nepal instructed all relief teams to leave the country, saying that its own relief workers would take charge henceforth.

In any disaster anywhere, global relief teams help the affected country recover and then leave, entrusting the responsibility to their host.

Self-Esteem or Concerns over alien presence?: In this instance, though, it appears Nepal’s instruction was abrupt. Whether it was a case of self-esteem rearing its head or if it found any of the team’s effort high-handed, exposing Nepal’s own flaws, it will only be speculative at this stage.

There were murmurs, however, that it may have found India demonstrating a big-brotherly attitude.

It does look like Nepal’s sudden decision is not well thought of as the country will need extraordinary international help in rebuilding the infrastructure that had crumbled under the effect of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake.

But the world bows in gratitude to the global relief teams for the humanity they demonstrated in rushing to help Nepal deal with the humanitarian crisis.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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