Japan, Australia and India Offer Best Expat Pay Packages

They are Followed by China and Hong Kong

Japan offers the best pay package for expats in the Asia-Pacific region with middle managers getting US$375,289 a year on average.

ExpatchartAustralia and India round off the top three with the annual pay packages for expatriates there standing close to US$300k, according to the latest report released today by ECA International, a leading provider of data relating to expat employees around the world.

Expat Middle Managers in India typically take home around US$293,000 a year.

Salary, benefits (accommodation, international schools for children, cars, etc.) and tax are the key factors that were looked into for the report.

Rainbow-Yen-Symbol-Background-1151620Low Cost of Living: “India’s position in the ranking shows how relatively low cost of living does not always translate into low expatriate packages,” said Mr Lee Quane, Regional Director, ECA International – Asia.

aud100frontIndia has consistently been ranked among the top three in terms of expat pay packages the last several years.

China (US$276,000) and Hong Kong (US$272,000) take the fourth and fifth places. The two countries have swapped positions this year as Hong Kong came in fourth last year.

indian_rupees_symbol.jpg_480_480_0_64000_0_1_0“Not all Chinese cities require such high packages, though. The cost of benefits provision in tier-2 locations is still much lower than in tier-1 cities and if those cities, alone, were to be taken into account, Mainland China would appear towards the bottom of the regional ranking above only Malaysia and Pakistan,” said Mr Quane.

Singapore has the seventh highest expatriate pay packages, with US$259,000, down from last year’s sixth position despite the cost of a package having risen over twelve months. The value of a typical total expatriate package for Middle Managers in Singapore is US$259,000.

“The rising cost of an expatriate package in Singapore will make some companies think twice about where they set up in the region. However, the country’s reputation for providing an excellent quality of life is a big plus in terms of motivating employees to accept an assignment there,” said Mr Quane.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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