Salman’s Great Escape, Thanks to Bombay HC Judge!

Syed Modi’s Murder and How MP Sanjay Singh and Ameeta Kulkarni were Exonerated!

Now that the Bombay High Court has dispensed more than what Salman Khan bargained for, I am reminded of how former Union Minister Sanjay Singh, (a nephew of former prime minister VP Singh and a scion of the Amethi royal family) got away with all kinds of trouble, thanks to a friendly judiciary.

Despite strong evidence to link him to the murder of Syed Modi, one of India’s finest badminton champions, in 1988, Sanjay Singh, a Congress Rajya Sabha MP, was exonerated by the court.

Sanjay Singh and Ameeta

Sanjay Singh and his lover Ameeta Kulkarni

Adulterous Ameeta: Sanjay Singh had a torrid affair with Syed Modi’s adulterous wife, Ameeta Kulkarni, a Mumbaite and a badminton champion herself.

Soon after his acquittal, Sanjay and Ameeta married, establishing a potential motive for the murder. Where was justice for the family of poor Syed Modi?

No one influential, including an MLA said to have been involved in it, was brought to book for the murder.

Tussle Over Palace: Sanjay Singh’s son from his first wife, Anant Vikram Singh, has himself been seeking re-opening of investigation in the Syed Modi murder case for the last several years.

With Ameeta Kulkarni having become the queen of Sanjay Singh’s royal palace, the two are said to have humiliated his first wife Garima and son Anant by confining them to a small portion of the premises.

Syed ModiIt also turned out that the divorce deed obtained by Sanjay to legitimise his judicial separation from first wife Garima was forged. The Supreme Court then ruled that the divorce he claimed from his first wife was null and void.

Eight-time national champion Syed Modi, who was murdered in 1988

Still, Sanjay Singh and his lover Ameeta are locked in a tussle with his legal wife and son over the ancestral palace they occupy.

To thrive in India and make the courts your best buddies, past judicial outcomes go to make one think that all you need is political, cinematic and money power!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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