Road Accidents – Inconsiderate Bystanders and a Lax Judiciary

Accidents, just as rapes, happen everywhere but in impoverished, corrupt countries such as India the victims are often treated with contempt and influential criminals get all the respect they do not deserve. These are some of the reasons that they happen too often in the country.

A speeding car ran over a few people waiting at a bus stand near Bangalore today, killing two.

archana-hit-and-run_240x180_41431758718On Wednesday, a young TCS employee was killed in a hit-and-run accident in Mumbai that hardly received any media coverage. The accident happened just in front of a police station and still she lay there without getting any help for 20 minutes.

The Bombay High Court Judge who recently gave Salman Khan respite by suspending his conviction in a hit-and-run case must take some blame for this death.

The silly Indian public who take law into their hands are also to blame. Any driver who stops the car after an accident almost always gets bashed up by the overzealous public.

Precisely why drivers flee after mishaps – even if they intend to attend to the victims! The public will just watch the victims die and seldom let the culprits help the victims! This is India that never changes its ways.

Accidents happen everywhere but in India it is unfortunate lives continue to be lost because of rash driving, inconsiderate bystanders and a judiciary that is soft on influential offenders!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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