Singapore’s Technology Startup Ecosystem

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going full steam ahead pushing his “Make in India” vision, Singapore has also embarked on a mission to cultivate a vibrant technology startup ecosystem.

The difference is that Singapore already has a smart infrastructure that the government wants technology builders and entrepreneurs to leverage.

Why Singapore

In other words, Singapore wants them to use the nation as a ‘living lab’ to test new ideas and solutions with a global potential, as you will learn from this Forbes-linked IDA site.

India is taking the lead from China which transformed itself into an economic powerhouse by becoming a manufacturing hub.

In contrast, Singapore is taking cues from California’s Silicon Valley in promoting a technological revolution that the world could benefit from.

While Bangalore has long been considered India’s Silicon Valley, with Singapore helping build an IT Park there, infrastructural woes have always been an impediment. But the availability of programming resources and engineering talent there has been a big plus..

G Joslin Vethakumar


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