Smart Nation Drive Not Just About Singapore

It Seeks to Address Global Challenges

Even as I call my exploratory business foray a Smart Nation initiative, in alignment with Singapore’s mission, I today chanced upon a Forbes-linked IDA site that was a revelation to me in many ways.

First, I gleaned that the government’s 10-year roadmap to make Singapore the world’s first Smart Nation by 2025 is not just about the country topping the global league table.

In fact, it is a vision that has its eyes set beyond the shores of Singapore. To be precise, the Smart Nation mission launched by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) is intended to be a platform that can address global challenges.

“We are taking the lead in solving difficult but critical global challenges with a holistic approach,” the IDA’s Executive Deputy Chairman, Mr Steve Leonard, was quoted as saying in the Forbes-linked IDA site.

Global challengesIt is a mission that brings together Singapore universities,  R&D institutes, investment firms and startups. Partnerships with other countries and MNCs are on the cards, as Mr Leonard says, “to share expertise, experience, smart technologies along this journey.”

The site also points out that Singapore is the world’s third-most densely populated nation with nearly 8,000 people per square kilometre.

That is a bit scary, given that the U.S. has only 35 people per square kilometre and the U.K. 265 people.

This is not new as I had blogged about it a few times ever since Singapore announced plans to grow the population to seven (7) million people by Year 2030.

Third most dense country

But just what are the world’s challenges that need addressing?

  • Urban density
  • Ageing population
  • Healthcare
  • Mobility (communications / transport)
  • Energy Sustainability

These are challenges impacting Singapore and the world.

The government is seeking to solve them by making Singapore a truly Smart Nation, powered by big data and analytics technologies, and next-generation connected and sensor networks.

You can check out the Smart Nation-Forbes site for additional information on what else the Singapore government is doing to make the innovations unfolding in the country relevant to the world.

My earlier piece on Singapore’s Technology Startup System –

G Joslin Vethakumar



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