Time Rahul is Sent off on Another Sabbatical

The Congress party led by Mrs Sonia Gandhi appears set to make itself irrelevant in Indian politics very soon. And it does not need any enemies from outside to do that.

rahul-gandhi2Trust Mr Rahul Gandhi to take the party on the path of self-destruction. Unless he is told not to open his mouth too often, the Congress can have no hope for a resurgence.

Lessons in Economics: This Thursday, he thought he was making a cerebral statement by saying that Dr Manmohan Singh delivered an hour-long lesson in how to run the economy to Mr Narendra Modi this week in Delhi.

An unwarranted, even dumb, statement, it must have been a big embarrassment for Dr Singh. Mr Gandhi’s statement was yesterday rebuffed by the PMO, making it clear that it was merely a courtesy meeting with Mr Modi having invited former Prime Ministers, Dr Singh and Mr H D Deve Gowda.

manmohan_modi_may28Free Speech and Smriti’s Retort: Then, today Mr Rahul Gandhi tweeted “Free speech is our right. We will fight any attempt to crush dissent and debate”, targeting HRD Minister Smriti Irani over the issue which saw an IIT Madras group being derecognised for criticising Mr Modi and his government.

In response, Mrs Irani blasted Mr Gandhi and challenged him to a debate on any issue of governance including education. “Give me a time n place n I’m ready to debate everything…”

Mr Gandhi may be trying to ape Mr Modi’s style of muckraking but he hardly has the ability to get into any meaningful debate on critical subjects, particularly because there are skeletons in the cupboard of the Congress party itself — the Emergency in 1975, for instance. It is considered the darkest phase in India’s democracy.

It is time Mr Gandhi is sent off on a sabbatical again to Thailand or Venezuela or anywhere else. If he remains in India, he will only expedite the elimination of the Congress from the Indian political milieu.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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