Kudos to Singapore Police for Quick Action

One Dead in Firing Outside Shangri-La

First kudos to the Singapore Police Force for acting quick and preventing the escape of three criminals in a car outside the Shangri-La Hotel, the venue of an international security conference.

I tend to agree with Singapore Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen who defended the police action saying “they did the right thing”, considering that it could have been a terror plot.

Only drugs, not arms, were reported to have been found in the car. But the names of the three, one of whom was killed in the firing, have not been released.

The police may have a reason for withholding the information. They may have thought it was too early to do so. Nonetheless, terrorism has been ruled out.

Any firm action to deal with any terror threat has to be welcomed in the interest of the nation.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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