No Meaningful Live Coverage of SEA Games in Singapore

SEA-Games-2015-ThumbSEA Games 2015 is being held in Singapore, still there is no meaningful live coverage of the event in the country.

That shows Singapore’s level of keenness in promoting sports!

After all, it is money that counts, not sports!

Two Mio TV channels (134 and 135) show some events live. There is also a Youtube channel, Sport Singapore, that presents some events live.

“Ingenious” SEA Games App: Then there is an App, SEA Games TV, for free download. The Games website calls it an “ingenious” App. Although it does appear quintessential, it offers some interesting features – a multi-view camera and a replay button to catch exciting moments from sporting events..

SEA Games 5I was actually hoping that there will be a few all-day TV channels covering the SEA Games. Particularly because it is projected as a key highlight of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee (SG50) celebrations.

The following are some images extracted from the site where the language used is poor:

SEA screenshot 2 SEA Games site screenshot

What has “since” in the heading got to do with the picture (left)? And what a clumsy way to say that 11 countries are participating at the Games (below)!

For an emerging Smart Nation celebrating SG50 this year, even the Games website looks amateurish. I am particularly appalled at the content within the site.

No Smart Writing: The page describing the host city, for instance, says: “Singapore has been described as a thriving cosmopolitan city that’s brimming with diversity…”

If it had said “Singapore is a thriving cosmopolitan city….” it will have presented an authoritative, no-nonsense picture.

A smart nation must showcase smart, crisp writing without escapist language. Using the safe verbosity of journalists, “has been described as”, is boring superfluity.

The opening ceremony of the Games is planned for tomorrow (June 5) although some events have already been completed. The Games will draw to a close on June 16.

TableTennis_01Table Tennis Shocker: Incidentally, Singapore’s Feng Tianwei, a China import, lost to a Thai table-tennis player, who is ranked 107th in the world, and failed to make it to the semi-finals this morning. The other Singapore player, Isabelle Li, was also eliminated.

The defeats meant Singapore got no medal in women’s singles. All pre-Games hype showed Singapore as being capable of making a clean sweep in table tennis.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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  1. So what? Singapore swimmers did a really good cleanup! ’nuff said.

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