Adani is to Modi what Sasikala is to Jayalalitha

There is the Robert Vadra Equation as well since both Adani and Sonia’s son-in-law have amassed wealth, thanks to political patronage

adani-mWhether or not India gains from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s world tours, there is one individual who gets opportunities to add billions to his wealth, already growing at an electrifying pace.

He is Mr Gautam Adani, who accompanies Mr Modi on almost every overseas trip, meets Presidents and Prime Ministers and gets large deals! The U.S., Canada, Brazil, Australia, France and Germany were among the countries that Mr Modi took him along to. Mr Adani travels on the PM’s aircraft and stays at the hotel where Mr Modi stays, paid for by the Indian Government.

During the elections, Mr Modi had regularly used Mr Adani’s private jet, so the Prime Minister is now returning the favour to his close friend.

adani_modi_20140310Today, Mr Adani’s company signed an MoU with the Bangladesh Power Development Board for building power plants in that country. He is in Dhaka with Mr Modi’s delegation.

Row over Australia Deals: He had struck multi-billion-dollar coal and rail deals in Australia earlier, even getting a large loan from the SBI (State Bank of India).

In Australia, it generated a lot of controversy over land acquisition there because of the poor environmental track record of Mr Adani’s companies.

Several mangroves were destroyed to facilitate his business ventures that have violated multiple environmental laws, including dumping wastewater into the sea.

Visited Singapore, Japan and China, too: Even when Mr Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat, Mr Adani had regularly travelled with the former to Singapore, Japan, Russia and China.

Jayalalitha and SasikalaThese are among the countries that did not have any issue granting Mr Modi a visa then. The U.S. and the U.K. were among countries that declined a visa to Mr Modi then over the sectarian violence in Gujarat in 2002. that resulted in the deaths of more than 2000 people.

Jayalalitha1Inseparable Pair: The relationship between Mr Adani and Mr Modi is akin to that of Mrs Sasikala and Ms Jayalalitha, chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

Ms Jayalalitha is hardly seen without Ms Sasikala, widely believed to be partners in amassing wealth through dubious means.

Mrs Sasikala was once a video parlour operator but, later became Ms Jayalalitha’s confidante and constant companion, going on to build wealth of an unimaginable scale. robertvadra

Moreover, Mr Adani is to Mr Modi what Mr Robert Vadra is to Mrs Sonia Gandhi – in terms of the wealth the two associates accumulated through political patronage in a short time.

The wealth of Mr Vadra, often described as an overnight billionaire, had increased manifold too, thanks to being a member of the Gandhi household, having married Mrs Priyanka Gandhi, daughter of Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Late Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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