Robots set to Leave Human Beings Unemployed

But PM Lee wants Singaporeans to have more Children! That’s scary! More People, No Jobs?

This morning’s newspapers in Singapore saw Prime Minister talking about population, warning of undesirable consequences if the fertility rate among citizens did not go up.

In contrast, The Straits Times featured another report, warning about even more dire consequences – that of robots taking the world over sooner than feared.

One of the century’s greatest physicists, Stephen Hawking, had recently only warned that robots will dominate the world in another 100 years.

The report in The Straits Times was not so kind – it quotes Softbank founder Masayoshi Son as saying that automatons may outnumber humans in 30 years.

Robots are 80% Cheaper: Its author, Andy Mukherjee, goes on to state that: “robots are 80 per cent cheaper now than in 1990, and getting lighter and safer for people to use. That makes them a big risk to many of the world’s six billion future workers.”

These are not isolated, far-fetched opinions. Scientists everywhere are concerned that artificial intelligence is becoming a huge threat for humanity.

Here PM Lee wants Singaporeans to beget more children and boost the country’s population.  What for? Have more people in the already overpopulated country where most of them will just sit idle and watch robots do their jobs?

That is a scary scenario. It is time for Singapore to get real and ensure jobs for all locals, young and old, without doing something that could precipitate the crisis.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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