Hema Malini, Bollywood’s New Salman Khan?

Indian Media’s Double Standard!

Screaming by the Indian media over the unbridled VIP culture in the country has been on the ascendancy of late.

Two-year-old Sonam who was killed in the accident. HT Photo

Two-year-old Sonam who was killed in the accident. HT Photo

Yet, on Thursday night, when the Mercedes car that former Bollywood starlet and current MP Hema Malini was travelling in rammed into another car, all TV channels were quick to pounce on the news, claiming she was seriously injured in the accident.

It later appeared that Hema Malini, representing the ruling BJP, only suffered some facial bruises. Worse, the media conveniently ignored or downplayed the death of a two-year-old girl in the accident.

This is an instance of a self-righteous Indian media pandering to celebrities and VIPs while at the same time sparing no eloquence and verve in attacking the overweening behaviour of the high and mighty.

Hema-Malini_3Hema taken to hospital, child left to Die: Let me leave the ebullience of the media aside and look at what happened on the day of the accident.

An eyewitness, said to be a doctor, took Hemamalini to the hospital immediately after the accident, leaving behind the passengers from the other car that included the child fighting for life.

The driver and another person travelling with Hema Malini were also taken to the hospital without delay – possibly by the same doctor. Media reports are vague on that.

The incident shows even the Indian public love to attend to VIPs and dispense step-motherly treatment to their fellow common people. So why blame the so-called VVIPs?

The little girl’s father says if she had been taken to hospital along with the star she may still be alive!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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