Singapore Now a Third-World Nation!

Not a Smart Nation! 

Well Done Govt! Time to bring in a million more people and throttle Country!!

Public Transport Getting from Bad to Worse!

Instead of becoming a Smart Nation, Singapore is in regression mode, slipping into Third World territory.

There was chaos in all prime areas, from CBD to everywhere, as all train services ground to a halt tonight, ostensibly because of some power failure.

The result: crowds spilled over to the roads and buses were unable to cope with the load.

Unable to get a cab, I walked a few kilometres and managed to catch a bus.

But I am stuck in it, with the bus having hardly moved 100 metres in more than an hour.

Compounding the problem was the construction activity everywhere leading to blocked roads and further traffic snarls.

Good enough reason for the Government to bring in a few more millions of people from overseas and drive Singaporeans out? 



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