Dealing with FB Spam and Tags

I have often seen myself (and my friends) getting tagged in vile Facebook photos or videos much to my annoyance.

FB taggingThat is a menace inherent in the Internet — rogue malware and spamming wreaking havoc without your knowledge or endorsement. I did not have the patience to figure out how I can stop that.

But today I thought enough was enough and found a way to deal with it. I went into my FB account to try and get the thorn in the flesh out.

Here is what I did next:

  • Headed straight to Settings > Privacy Settings > Timeline and Tagging Settings (from the left side of the screen) > How can I manage tags people add
  • I then applied my preferred options. I chose the ability for me to review tags people add so I can accept or decline.

DislikeI am still not certain if this will work, but I will monitor it closely as I hate getting tagged in foul stuff. .Facebook also offers some suggestions about how to avoid getting tagged. You can check it out at

Another concern is if spam messages go out from my account. That perhaps is a more tedious process. I hope that has not happened so far.

Please noIn the meanwhile, if any of you see any malicious posts or tags from me, please note it will not be from me for certain. Do message me, though, if you come across any so I can initiate appropriate counter-measures.

Joslin Vethakumar


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