Visiting San Francisco after a Long Gap

The City that Gave Cisco its Name!

san-franThe first time I visited San Francisco was in 2005 soon after I joined Cisco Systems in Singapore. I visited the city a few more times during the next five years – and many other cities in the U.S. as well.

After I quit Cisco in July 2010, my visits to the U.S. ground to a halt. That fundamentally meant I was not getting big miles. A U.S. trip always carries a lot of mileage!

Tomorrow morning I am going to San Francisco again and I will be there for about a week, attending a boot camp at the headquarters of Genesys, my employer since June last – the company I joined after my short-lived entrepreneurial foray.

cable-cars-san-francicoSidewalk Chess: If things had not changed much, I will perhaps see people playing chess in a sidewalk along the plush Market Street. I had seen enthusiasts playing serious chess, with clocks dictating the pace of the game in a spirit of tournament professionalism.

I tried to find some soft copies of photos during my earlier visits to San Francisco, but no luck. I will have hard copies somewhere that I will have to scan – but that is not going to happen now. So here are some views of San Francisco, the city that gave Cisco its name.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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