Bowled Over by a Demo Through an iPhone Integrated with Apple Watch

IMG_2644 IMG_2645 IMG_2646

.. And by a Robotic Video Beaming a presentation live into our room!

Customer Experience at Genesys HQ

Finally I got to see an iPhone and an Apple watch being used to deliver a presentation today.

It was done by one of my American colleagues using a deck from his iPhone and navigating through the slides from his Apple Watch.

That instantly changed my perception about the Apple Watch being a mere ornamentation with little value. I am impressed with it!

It was a presentation on buyer persona and conversations with a prospect as part of a strategic account planning drive. Unfortunately, I could not take a photograph of the demo.

A Video Robot: The last photo in this post is that of a robotic videoscreen that could be moved around a room as we deem fit. We got to experience this too at the Genesys HQ when a presenter was beamed live from another location in the U.S. That was new-generation fun!

Here are a few photographs taken at the Genesys headquarters in Daly City, where we have been attending bootcamp sessions all week.

Daly City is a short ride away from San Francisco — about 20 minutes from the Hyatt at Fisherman’s Wharf where we are staying.





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