Ruinous Return, Fatal Trust!

The Yakub Memom – Rajan Pillai Parallel!

By Hanging Yakub, India has given Pakistan a Reason to Smile!

Is India Really Serious About Ending Terror or is it using it for Political Capital?

An old picture of a smiling Yakub

An old picture of a smiling Yakub

Mumbai blasts conspirator Yakub Memon’s hanging today reminds me of late industrialist Rajan Pillai, known as the Biscuit King who headed Britannia Industries and was based in Singapore.

In 1993, Rajan Pillai ran afoul of the law in Singapore and was facing a 14-year jail term for commercial fraud.

Escaped Jail, Lost Life: To escape jail, he fled to India in 1995. He was arrested there from a hotel and put behind bars — at the Tihar Jail.

There he fell ill but a magistrate who heard his request for private treatment, rejected his plea sarcastically ruling that Rajan Pillai (the businessman who once controlled wealth worth over $400 million) was trying to find asylum in a hospital.

He received very bad treatment at the jail and died of liver cirrhosis soon after while in police custody. That is how shamefully the Indian system, judiciary included, works.

Rajan PillaiRajan Pillai thought India would offer him refuge, and he was only a commercial offender. But the country of his birth was responsible for his death, in trying to pander to Singapore.

Had he stayed on in Singapore he may have faced the tough hand of the law, but he will have received the best medical attention possible and may have survived. His escape to India turned out to be a fatal mistake, literally so!

Fatal Blunder: Yakub Memom committed the same fatal mistake when he, unhappy with life in Pakistan where he had escaped to after the 1993 Mumbai blasts that killed more than 250 people, decided to cooperate with the Indian investigating agencies and returned to the country in 1994 with his family.

He was charged with being a conspirator and held in jail since then. He was convicted in 2007 and the Supreme Court upheld the death penalty in 2013. Appeals and mercy petitions failed to win him clemency and he was hanged today after spending 21 years in jail.

Justice is not Justice if it is not dispensed speedily: I don’t wish to hold a brief for a terrorist. But why didn’t the courts dispense speedy justice? Keeping him in jail for 21 years and executing him after giving him hope, directly or indirectly, that his sentence may be commuted to life, does not appear right.

Also, India has clearly lost the opportunity to use Yakub Memon as a trumpcard to deal with Pakistan and counter terrorism from across the border. The main accused (his brother Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim) are still proving elusive, with little chance they will ever be brought back to India.

Is India really serious about an end to terrorism or is it just trying to gain political capital by proclaiming to be a victim of terrorism?

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