Sushma Swaraj’s Defence and Defiance

She Helped Lalit Modi “only on Humanitarian Considerations”

But Indian Soldiers Keep Losing Lives in Pak. Firing…

While Indian soldiers continue to lose their lives in Pakistani firing on an almost daily basis, the country’s foreign minister, Mrs Sushma Swaraj, keeps insisting that she only helped Lalit Modi visit his cancer-stricken wife in Portugal, not the fugitive himself. On humanity considerations, that is! The party-monger that he is, Lalit Modi went there and elsewhere, too, having loads of fun!

The Indian Foreign Minister is not the only one to pamper the guy wanted in the country for money laundering! Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundaraje Scindia is his buddy as well. He has no dearth of high-profile BJP and media sympathisers.

Humanity is not for those who sacrifice their lives fighting for the country, only for the rich and famous!

  • The Truth – The Indian and British Governments colluded in getting fugitive Lalit Modi travel documents so he could visit his cancer-stricken wife ailing at a hospital in Portugal.
  • Also out in the Open – India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, who wrote to the U.K. for facilitating it, is a close friend of Lalit Modi. Her husband and daughter have both been lawyers of the former Indian Premier League chairman for years.
  • The Other Truths: Lalit Modi’s wife recovered within three days in Portugal and the couple and their friends started celebrating in exotic locations such as Montenegro. The so-called surgery that his wife underwent was only a “non-invasive high-energy X-ray treatment to attack tumours from outside the body.”
  • Open Truths Don’t Move Sushma: The above trulalit-modi-sushma-swaraj-4ths, notwithstanding, Mrs Sushma Swaraj continues to claim she only helped Lalit Modi’s ailing wife. Lalit Modi’s visit was only to be with his wife in her time of need. She repeated it today, staying adamant she did so only on “humanitarian considerations”.

The Indian political tragedy is that the BJP government is not concerned about countrymen dying on the border. The families of the victims are only paid lip service, while the high and mighty get the kind of extraordinary help Lalit Modi received.

The government and the Indian media are gloating over the capture of someone who looks like a mentally challenged guy and thinks it has nailed Pakistan.

Worse, they are putting the lives of this captured guy’s family in Pakistan by quoting his father as saying that the terrorist is his son. The father now fears for his life.

lalit_modi_narendra_modi_20100426.jpgWhat a big bunch of jokers India has at the Centre!  Corruption, nepotism and crime are the daily staple of the country’s leaders, whether they represent Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP or Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s Congress:

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