Singapore needs an Opposition that can stand up to Intellectual Might of PAP

A proletariat agenda or mindset unlikely to work

Yesterday’s edition of The Straits Times had many pieces dissecting the outcome of the recent elections in Singapore which gave the ruling People’s Action Party an overwhelming majority at the expense of the opposition living in fools’ paradise, imagining all the online ranting against the government was an indication of their growing clout.

I don’t want to risk repeating myself as I had already blogged about it on September 12.

But I doubt the Workers Party can ever be an alternative to the PAP. Singaporeans are a well-educated lot who cannot be swayed by populism. Neither is the country down in the dumps economically to take shelter under parties that are unable to come up with a compelling value proposition to ensure Singapore’s continued success.

Put simply, a proletariat agenda or mindset does not seem relevant for Singapore.

Singapore needs an opposition that can stand up to the intellectual might of the PAP. Half-baked individuals who are almost toeing the PAP line can hardly get Singaporeans to risk the country’s future and line up behind them.

If the PAP aims at a population of 6.9 million the Workers’ Party has its own white paper that is only putting the figure a tad less. They are also careful not to offend the PAP and end up losing their personal wealth through defamation suits.

The kind of sacrifices smarter opposition leaders like Dr Chee have had to make fighting for Singapore have also not moved the electorate. That is a pity!

I am also amused as to why 9/11 was chosen as the date for elections!

G Joslin Vethakumar

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