Modi Right in Talking about Corruption under Congress!

But why is he not expediting investigations to put the culprits behind bars? Action in needed, not vile talk!

I don’t see anything wrong in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s barbs against Sonia Gandhi’s Congress, though talking about it at overseas fora is not in keeping with the position he holds..

The corruption charges against the family do not appear totally unconvincing. Apparently, there is evidence linking the family, particularly Robert Vadra, to the scams. It is just that the BJP government is not keen on bringing the corrupt to book soon to suit their own political ends. A guy who ran a small-scale unit (arts and crafts) is reported to have amassed billions in a very short span and that deserved a through, quick probe. All we see are superficial investigations and little progress with them.

That is the tragedy of India – no influential person is ever brought to justice. If there is no truth in the allegations, they can easily file defamation suits without waiting for court and Enforcement Directorate verdicts.

In my opinion, the family of Sonia Gandhi has destroyed the party built by freedom fighters.

But where I have an issue is in the Prime Minister merely talking about the corruption by the Sonia family.

What India needs is action, not mere talk aimed at gaining political mileage. As the ruling party, the BJP and Mr Modi are expected to act against the corrupt.

Why are they not expediting all investigations and putting the Gandhis behind bars if their involvement is established. That is what India needs, not a Prime Minister who revels in just talking about the crores the son-in-law made.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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