Beef Parties Only Celebrate, NOT Condemn, Dadri and Other Murders

Minority peace cannot happen by taunting the majority, insulting their faiths!

When you hold a beef party, your intent is hardly an expression of anger against the culture of intolerance in the country.

  • Rather you are glad that the Dadri and J&K killings happened so you can take political mileage out of the incidents and become a hero among sections that love to kill people.

By holding the beef party, you:

  • Celebrated the Dadri murder and basked in the glory the event brought you among your people who seldom rise against killings of innocent people or against the destruction of historically significant ancient monuments.
  • Only wanted to taunt the majority community and attack their religious sentiments, with no inclination whatsoever to help improve the situation
  • Showed disrespect even to those tolerant people from among the majority community who were going out of their way to defend the rights of your people to eat what they want, even surrendering the prestigious awards they earned by merit
  • Demonstrated an unwillingness to approach the issue with a broader vision of promoting harmony among all sections of the people
  • …and you call yourself an engineer, an MLA! Personal glory is your mission, not the well-being of people affected by violent majoritarianism.

By holding a press conference in Delhi where you were smeared with paint, you made your intent clear that:

  • You only wanted publicity from the shameless Indian media ready to switch sides at will even if that meant pampering people who are a curse for humanity.

You revolt me so much that I do not even wish to give your name any mention in my blog. That is there in the link above, though, so people know who the scum is!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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