Mint Asia, a BJP Mouthpiece?

I picked up a free copy of the week’s edition (Singapore / Malaysia) of Mint Asia from outside Mustafa yesterday. It shows a price tag of S$6 but reading through the rag made me think who will pay for it. Except perhaps the Hindutva brigade in Singapore and Malaysia.

IMG_2969The masthead says it is a weekly analysis of the Indian economy and markets. So, the apt name will be Mint India, not Mint Asia!

I gave the tabloid a quick scan and what attracted my attention were:

  • A piece on the Significance of Hindutva – toeing the BJP line of Hindutva and development being intertwined
  • The Inequality Challenge – singing the glory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in tackling inequality while taking potshots at six decades of neglect
  • India prepared for Global Turbulence — praises the BJP’s efforts to strengthen the foundations of the country’s economy

IMG_2970Even the cover had a splash of saffron!

These made me wonder if this was a BJP mouthpiece!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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