Is Moody’s a Modi Fan?

Its report is just a shallow piece of work

I must start this with an admission. I have not read the full report, India Outlook: Searching for Potential, from Moody’s Analytics, that is having the country abuzz today.

Some reports in the media have quoted Moody’s Analytics as having warned Prime Minister Narendra Modi that India might lose domestic and global credibility if he did not rein in controversial members of his Bharatiya Janata Party.

Moody's AnalyticsBut who will rein in Mr Modi himself? The media reports did not name the person who authored the Moody’s Analytics report but from what I had read I have reason to assume he is possibly a servile Modi fan.

If the thrust of the full report is what appears in the media then I must say it is a shallow piece of work.

Harsh on the opposition, Not BJP

In fact, my reading is that the report is harsh on the opposition. It describes them as being ‘obstructionist’, preventing the passing of crucial reforms in the Rajya Sabha where the BJP does not have a majority.

I am not ready to spare him the taint for the Gujarat riots that left more than a 1000 people dead when he helmed the State in 2002. I can avoid holding it against him for too long if he shows genuine evidence of an ideological transformation. He, however, only continues to show his obsession with majoritarianism, often indirectly, with no apparent change of heart.

There have been so many instances of intolerance (the murder of a rationalist, some killings of Muslims on the charge of eating beef, etc.) since he assumed power 18 months ago that top writers, scientists, historians and film-makers have in protest surrendered the prestigious awards they had won over the years.

Hindu Rashtra

Narendra Modi - Reuters Photo

Narendra Modi – Reuters Photo

But Mr Modi is least perturbed by it all as he knows the entire country, barring the intelligentsia, is behind the idea of a Hindu Rashtra.

Senior ministers in his Cabinet have only ridiculed the protesters as being rabid anti-BJP elements. This is a government that scoffs at the contributions of the intelligentsia to the country.

Mr Modi continues to prove that he is no statesman, including this week when addressing the electorate in Bihar he called the opposition leaders Three Idiots to the delight of his audiences. He calls Sonia Gandhi names very often and never fails to make divisive speeches — all an insult to the position he holds.

For all the misrule of the Congress, the nation never ever saw former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh make nasty comments against the opposition. He remains a gentle leader all through – unlike Mr Modi who never misses an opportunity to spit venom on those who are not aligned with his ideology.

Just yesterday, his right-hand man BJP president Amit Shah said at an election rally in Bihar that should the BJP lose there would be fireworks in Pakistan. Desperation from Mr Modi, Mr Shah and all of the BJP is clearly showing.

When did India ever Enjoy Credibility?

pg-35-india-1-reutersMoreover, has India enjoyed any credibility any time? All it has seen are:

  • a post-Independence record of massive corruption (the Bofors scandal, 2G / coal scams and more)
  • inefficiency (Commonwealth Games alone should establish why India is incapable of doing things right)
  • rabid communalism (from major riots to almost daily small instances), and
  • a Judiciary that has seldom brought influential scoundrels to justice for whom even murder is just a petty crime

And Moody’s Analytics still only says that Mr Modi has largely distanced himself from the nationalist gibes of his supporters and ministers. Have their belligerent speeches and actions only raised ethnic tensions?

What kind of an analysis is this Moody’s?

Moody’s Analytics has consistently sung Mr Modi’s praise, even predicting better economic management from him when he assumed power in May 2014, remaining as naive as the people who voted for him!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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