Paris Attacks: Does this Violent Face of Islam Please Muslims?

Is all hope of Peace in Europe / West Lost with Millions of Refugees Streaming in?

Fighting hate with love, conquering evil with good is the essence of Christianity, something the civilised West largely follows.

Paris Eiffel TowerBut French President François Hollande has vowed to deal with terror “pitilessly, without mercy.” That is appropriate choice of words, following the loss of more than 150 lives in coordinated Paris terror attacks yesterday, with shades of the November 2008 Mumbai explosions.

Sermon on the Mount: This may be a deviation from the Sermon on the Mount where the message from Jesus Christ was: “Do not resist him that is wicked; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other also to him.”

History will show ancient Christianity hardly followed this Biblical edict. Today’s civilised Christian world, though, represents values that go beyond religion.

refugee childRefugee Influx Into the West: This is evident in Europe opening up its borders for Islamic refugees following some tragic deaths, including that of a child on a Turkish beach, while families were fleeing on boats from the turmoil in Syria.

However, I wish Mr Hollande lives by his proclamation and tackles terror ruthlessly without being swayed by the Christian ideology of showing the other cheek.

Rumblings have begun to surface everywhere because the refugees are already out to disrupt harmony wherever they have been accommodated.

One German is quoted as saying: “Every year we lost 200,000 Germans and taking their place are 400,000 Muslims annually.”

This figure is an understatement as Germany has officially stated that it can take in 500,000 Syrian refugees every year.

The influx into Germany this year alone is expected to hit one million and three million by 2017.

Rapes, Storming of Churches: The refugees are being accommodated all across Germany, including in little hamlets with populations of around 10,000 locals. Imaging how throwing 5000 refugees in their midst will disturb peace. There have already been reports of these refugees storming into churches when the service is on and incidents of rapes are being suppressed.

France had agreed to take in 24,000 refugees, a figure that Muslims thought was too small. To me, after Charlie Hebdo in January this year, this was a generous gesture.

Syrians Flow into the U.S.: It is not just Europe that has accelerated the intake of Syrian refugees. More than 10,000 Syrian refugees have already been accommodated in the U.S. President Obama, who has an Islamic connection with some of his relatives still living in Indonesia, has promised to take in more.

r-MUMBAI-EXPLOSIONS-SUSPECT-large570With some Imams having already issued statements urging the refugees to breed with Christian women and spread the Caliphate, it looks certain a grim future awaits the West.

With Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s devotees also embracing the Islamic tradition of violence in an effort to change the face of Hinduism, more threats to peace are staring at the world. With the huge support of the Indian diaspora worldwide, Mr Modi and his Hindutva forces are only seeing their might grow!

G Joslin Vethakumar



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