The BJP Making itself a Confused Party with Complex Ideologies!

Jaitley compares Indira Gandhi to Hitler, a Friend of Netaji

India’s Finance minister Arun Jaitley today compared late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to Adolf Hitler. His intent was to demonstrate that India experienced its worst dictatorship under her.

Mr Jaitley, it is precisely this Hitler quality that drew Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose to him as well as to Italian fascist leader Mussolini.

adolf-hitlerThe BJP is making itself a confused party with complex ideologies and differing voices. They glorify Netaji to spite Nehru which can be construed as an endorsement of Hitler’s personality.

At the same time, they seek to be friends with Israel.

Netaji does deserve his place in history, given that his actions were aimed at securing independence for the country and not to further his own interests. But politicising him reeks of opportunism!

INDIRA GANDHIIt gets even more complex when you dig into history and find that Hitler enjoyed the support of some Islamic leaders because they had a common enemy – the Jews!

The multiple faces of the BJP are leading the party astray as it seeks to mask its prime agenda with insincerity on pluralism.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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