Army Rule Can Do India Good

Crisis Situations are Always Handled by Army with Governments Doing Little

Kudos to the Indian Army for bringing some relief to those affected by incessant rain in Chennai, the worst in 114 years.

No government anywhere in India can do any meaningful work when faced with a calamity. Crisis situations always end up with the Army to handle.

Until the Army stepped in, people had been helping people, with NGOs and private institutions also stepping in to assist the affected.

Chief Minister Jayalalitha has been safely cocooning herself in her plush residence with no effort made to connect with the victims. This though the city has been getting battered for the last nearly a month!

No food for days together, sick people dying in their homes without the opportunity to go to hospitals for treatment, pregnant women stuck in their water-logged homes and water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

Rain-water getting mixed with sewage water and flowing across the city has thrown up another nightmare – every rain in Chennai year after year has been bringing this problem up, receiving little attention from government to government!

No Lessons Learnt from Tsunami: Even the 2004 Tsunami which left thousands killed in Tamil Nadu has not brought about a change in the attitude of the Government. It is a combination of incompetence and apathy that duly elected governments display.

So why does the nation need governments? Just to make illiterate political scoundrels live like kings, become instant millionaires, do little and boss over all else?

Taste of Power: I wish the Army could be called upon to run the country too! I have always thought giving the Army a taste of power can do the country in. But in India politicians and successive governments have never failed to fail the country.

Now that Gen V K Singh is no longer the Army chief, I think it is safe to vest the country with the Army. Unless his influence has infested the Army with communalists like V K Singh, who had lied about his age and created divisions within the force.

Coup Attempt?: A person with no personal integrity, his frauds had been exposed and he was supposed to have been on the verge of staging a coup against the then government which was, fortunately, alert to his sly moves.

Just days before his retirement he is alleged to have destroyed papers relating to the intelligence unit he created in the Army.

From the Congress to the Janata and the BJP, all have been birds of the same feather – they just do not flock together.

Calamitous Situation: As a former Chennaiite, having spent the first more three decades of my life there, I have never imagined that the usually water-starved city could face the calamitous situation of being submerged in water. Reports show water levels had reached two floors in some areas.

Could I have ever dreamt of boats having to be pressed into service to rescue people wading through neck-deep water not just out in the open but inside their homes, too? Never! Even now without the TV coverage, I will have thought it was all just an exaggeration!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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