Juvenile Justice – Sanity Prevails!

Two days after the juvenile Nirbhaya rapist, Mohammad Afroz, was freed, sanity appeared to have dawned on lawmakers in India, with the Rajya Sabha finally passing the Juvenile Justice Bill.

The bill that is now an Act, a law, allows those in the 16-18 age group also to be tried as adults for heinous crimes.

I am pleased with the development. The next step must be to take away the age factor completely. Anyone capable of rape cannot be a juvenile. Any rapist must be tried as an adult criminal, whether he is 10 or 20.

Hang rapistsBummer for BJP: Politically, this could be a bummer for the BJP. They must have been hoping that it will continue to be stalled by the Congress so they can play it up for political mileage!

The bill may have ended in cold storage without pressure from the public. That’s the power of democracy!

If reformative justice must prevail over retributive justice, then there will be clamour for adult criminals to be given that concession. It is the victim who needs sympathy, not the rapist!

Taking high moral ground from the pulpit will dissipate when the pseudo activists themselves become victims! They need to be ignored!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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