Quiet Fun, No Social Mania

It has been a quiet, fun Christmas day so far. Nothing unusual. That’s the norm with us.

We attended the 8 am service as a family at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Singapore. All four of us are rarely at the same service – my younger daughter goes for the morning service and the rest of us (my first daughter, wife and me) the 11.15 am service.

2. IMG_3507I find the earlier services too early as Sunday is generally the only day I have the luxury of waking up a little late.

But on festive days and on family Sundays it’s the four of us together.

NOT Social Animals: We returned home soon after for Christmas celebration with a select group of friends. We limit our social circle and move with a very small group of friends.

Wild madness is not my cup of tea. There are better things to do in life than being an epicurean or a social animal.

13. IMG_3517We had a mix of home-made goodies (murukku, Mysore pak, etc.) and those that are available in select stores only during this season (Christmas pudding, rich plum cakes, stolen, ginger bread and festive chocolates flown from Australia, Scotland, Germany and the U.K.)

They will all disappear from the shelves over the next few days as they are just Christmas specials.

10. IMG_35267. IMG_3519A friend had a nice hamper from Marks & Spencer home-delivered to us.

Riverwalk Tandoor: We skipped the mutton biriyani, mutton cutlets and chicken masala that my wife usually prepares for a change.

3. IMG_3547Instead, my daughters ordered food from Riverwalk Tandoor – fried rice, butter chicken, fish masala, naans, gobi Manchurian and more. It was a simple lunch, but delicious.

6. IMG_3521The Riverwalk Tandoor buffets are among our favourites in Singapore. We go there occasionally as a family.

5. IMG_3522What you see in the post are some photographs taken at the church and at home today.

Since my parents are no more we chose to stay in Singapore. Without them, visiting Chennai is no longer any fun.

4. IMG_3450

1. IMG_3508

12. IMG_3515

G Joslin Vethakumar


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