Booze Ban: Kerala Gets it Right!

I have never ever touched liquor and remain proud about being a teetotaler. I may even qualify to be dubbed a fossil in a world where anything goes. That can give me a sense of pride, too!

Everyone, however, in India appears to love liquor, consuming it with gay abandon at every celebration – from Christmas to birthdays.

I am glad Kerala has chosen to enforce curbs on liquor – a move that has the blessings of the Supreme Court!

Fake Generation: This is not going to affect the fake generation in the country who can continue to get their daily share from luxury hotels – just as toxic Christians among those who love getting intoxicated get their daily word from you know where!

Liquor_bottlesPoor families losing whatever little money they make and peace to liquor is not something that will affect their peace!

The upwardly mobile pseudo communities who use social drinking and what not to further their own professional and personal interests while masking mediocrity don’t have to worry.

They can continue to indulge in what they do best without a break as they have social and religious sanction for dabbling in what I view as evil.

What is inescapable though is that the party culture is growing wildly in India. When they embrace something wild, Indians tend to go bonkers with it. One outcome is moral policing by the so-called custodians of Indian culture!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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