Jallikattu is a part of Tamil heritage? What a Joke!

Jallikattu (an Indian version of the bullfight) is one of the factors I consider an embarrassment for a Tamilian.

If some crazy sections of people in Tamil Nadu claim that Jallikattu is a part of Tamil heritage, my response will be: “My foot!”

I spent the first 34 years of my life in Chennai without ever having gone anywhere near the horrific bullfight. None happens there! What happens only in small pockets of a few districts cannot be part of the State’s culture.

Cowardice, NOT Heroism!: There is no heroism in the game either. Hundreds of silly guys trying to tame a single bull through cruel means can never be taken as a mark of courage. To me, it is, in fact, an act of cowardice!

16TH_JALLIKATTU7_894661gThe Government should not succumb to political pressure from thugs in the State. If they want to go on a hunger strike let them be free to starve to death. If they try to hinder peace, they must be firmly dealt with.

This cruel practice must be halted. Let the protesters not falsely claim to represent all Tamilians and mislead the government. 

The people of the State must get their priorities right – the recent floods in Chennai and the State have exposed how pathetic governance has been over the last several decades.

Getting the State on the path of progress is more important than remaining stuck with evil practices in the name of tradition and heritage!

I had blogged about it years ago as well – it is a habit among political parties in the State to rake the issue up and whip up sentiments that do not exist for electoral gains.



G Joslin Vethakumar



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